Ramadan is the month of sibghoh

by - September 12, 2011

Ramadan is the month of sibghoh. Every Muslims all over the world spends daylight hours for fasting and praying to the only one God, named Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, not only daylight but also in the night they're keep praying by doing Tarawih and Witir in the mosques above their praying mat. That's time for spiritual purification. A set of Allah's immersion to clean up their soul from a negative things.

Day by day passed, then Muslims face the day of their victory, called 'Eid. 'Eid is harvesting their freedom and it's to declare that for now on they're returning to their origin of purity, fitrah.

'Eid is the best day to seed good deeds and sincerity and of course the best moment for all of Muslims to forgive each other.

Maybe just on that day, we could find a lot of Muslims cried in the field after 'Eid praying. The moment for them to show compassion, open hearted, show regretness and ask forgiveness to burn out their sin.

I'm very proud being Muslim, Islam is Muslim's identity and it's an amazing religion. Are thou Muslim? If yes I guess thou've found many miracle in your life, haven't you?

I'll keep following Islam until the second I die... Hey let spread our wings of forgiving and make all of our sin fading away :)

Bind in peace,
Isma Hanifa Ma'ruf

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