there's something unwell with my page

by - October 29, 2010

It was always failed every time I try to install 'TwitterStatusBadge' widget to my blog page, may have hundreds time of anger but it's still can't be displayed. Huaaaaah there's something unwell my my bloooog!!
*I like to publish such as above*

Then finally, I know where the fault of me and a big wrong with my new laptop...
When I set the appearance of badge, a least change color and theme of font, I found an alert of Flash Player! My laptop was not yet qualified!! Mortify! After install Falsh Player I do again and set them to my blog... But it was only last a few moments before I turn off the laptop. You know why why??? Because my new laptop has been installed the DeepFreez..... [cape deh!] 
Until the day I posted the entry, I heven't a TwitterStatusBadge!

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