major flood, then vulcano eruption, and then tsunami.. what else?

by - October 29, 2010

When natural disaster come, they do not see poor or rich or what race or religion you are...
 Indonesia... oh Indonesia! Volcanic eruption in Yogya, Tsunami in Sumatra and major flood in Jakarta all occurring at the same time...
Since a few days ago, I wonder why so many disasters only happen in Indonesia, Mentawai tsunami, Merapi eruption, Jakarta city flood, and many calamities around homeland. I ask my God, when will it all ends? Before we crying out to regret everything, I think we should to realize that God warns us about all of our sins, so help the victims and we'll get good deeds :( God, I'm sorry for all my useless...

 *Mentawai tsunami, more than 500 peoples missing and kills more than 108 peoples*

 *Merapi's eruption kill Mbah Maridjan and much victimsburied in mass grave*

*major flood in capital city Jakarta*

*I proud to introduce himself, call him Mbah Marijaaaaan!*

My little knowledge about 'si Mbah Maridjan' ~~ Mbah Maridjan, the caretaker of Mount Merapi who died after refusing to abandon his ceremonial post when the volcano erupted...For years he led ceremonies in which rice and flowers were thrown into the crater to appease its spirits. Si Mbah Maridjan had angered officials in the past by refusing to evacuate during Merapi’s eruptions. He was very brave, is not it?

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