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by - April 14, 2014

Holla everybody, feel so undercover because I usually visit this site but I didn't write anything for long time. Being a reader for this own blog isn't bad by the way.

Today, I totally missed out of someone and I just can deny with this, writing. Then I download Blogger for my new device to support my hobby of writing being easier with.

Sometimes, inspiration comes when you're not in front of the personal computer, or more often with you're with the phone. Cause you should to take this app from yer store.

So, since this day maybe I will write so many post to feed you, my faithful blog-reader (or maybe stalker, huh?!) with this grateful application.

The last, be brave yourself to fallin' love with a writer. Cause if you do, you'll live for eternity, in their posts or archieve. Have a greaaaat day anyone! 💟💟💟

The view of Blogger application on iOS when I write the post. Simple and professional 😄😊😄😊

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