Here KICKFEST 2012 we are!

by - October 13, 2012

Are you teenage? Do you feel like a teen? Do you life in Bandung? Or somewhere around Bandung? Don't decided yourself as 'a gahul one' if you didn't join like us to Kickfest 2012 - The Biggest Independent Clothing Expo in Asia!
Here's Isma Hanifa Ma'ruf (Me!), Veronio Soriano Ribeiro Ximenes, Nur Insan Prasetia, Jefry Junizar, Reza Abdiguna, Wildan Fadel Mursidan, Aris Pratama, Sopi Purnama Sariningsih and Dwi Restia Rachmawati on Kickfest 2012, Gasibu Area, Bandung, last night.

Foto bareng Bagus 'Masterchef' dong :p
 between Jefry and Reza

with Dwi and Sopi

Change 2 tickets with 1 CD of Indie Bands

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