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by - March 03, 2011

I don't expect you to believe the post I'm about to write.. But in order to die peacefully, it must be telling, haha (¬_¬") (~‾▿‾)~

Adapted to our secrets burned-hearts and a plot series of event in which the main characters of us attempts to solve the problem...

You've ever said, "I know you so well" to me. You should be able to more understand what's happened between us. I can't stopping my regret until the time you say forgive. Whether you still hurt?

I woke up in the morning with beautiful sun shines, took a seconds then I remembered what the date today... I was doing a big wrong thing to you, as you know, it make me felt regret so deep.
I burried my memory about us in my room, seeing our 'pink photos', listen to your voice messages and drag some gift closer. Although it all make my reget that becoming fade, get back!
Before the day so long, I never heard you saying goodbye, I never see you cry, I never think to leave, I never think you'll be like now. Only at that day, you were changing to be an unknown one...

Let flash back, this's my version about our true story of the date, keep relax and mature, please!

That day, a cruel Monday, I was in a very bad temper and it's cause your changed. For one reason I neve know, you say you don't need, you didn't call me for the time so long, you won't hear my name, and you let me with a millions question words in my mind. You, honey, you just caught me in a nothing-meaning of our relationship that day...
What the bitch ever! Everything you try to talk as your fvcking reason is being nonsense in my ear, my heart burned, it becomes go down, despite. I think your changed isn't a good way to express your worry and horrible about.
Maybe, you will never know, the month before our first anniversary, the day in the beginning of that, my heart has successfully given for you, all parts...
But you BREAK IT OFF! You DESTROY IT! You hit, you bite, and you turn my love off...
Hopefully when I write, I want to describe what my mind has very clearly. When finished reading or just seeing this, you should be able to imagine all, to more understand my mind as you see in yours..
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